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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sailor Scarf

I was looking for a fun and quick knitting project to do that would also include a new technique for me to learn and I came across this: Knit Sailor Scarf

I changed the colors a bit, using heather gray instead of navy to make it more versatile for my wardrobe (although the navy is SO cute!)

Instead of carrying the white yarn across when I got to the vertical stripes, I split the yarn into two balls and the technique was more like fair isle knitting or intarsia (though not nearly as complicated)

I changed the pattern a bit because I didn't want to tie the ends together. I chose a double triangle pattern that is normally used in ascots.

With the ascot ends, you can just tuck one side into the other and it will stay in place without any tying

I love the back!

Me in my messy kitchen!

My next project is already under construction. It's a poncho for my sister's birthday (don't worry she already knows about it). I'm enjoying it so far - using very nice wool (%50 silk, %50 wool) and it's a lovely fall color.


  1. i love it! glad you liked my pattern. do you mind if i put a pic of this on my peneleop teapot blog? it's so sweet :) xxx

  2. very nice sailor scarf ^^ ive been meaning to knit one myself :3 ^^

  3. Sara... Of course I don't mind! Thanks for the great pattern inspiration!!

    Naka.. Yes you should knit one - it's such a fun project:)