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Thursday, September 23, 2010

An Education

As a university employee, I am lucky enough to have the benefit of free tuition! I am finally taking advantage and had my very fist class this week.

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I am taking Design Communication: Fashion Figure Drawing and Illustration. This course is supposed to be for non-DAAP majors (college of Design, Architecture, Art and Planning). However I show up and find out that there was a glitch in the system and it is in fact strictly for fashion students. Sigh. Well I stuck around for the class anyway and couldn't help but want to continue on! I spoke with the teacher after we were dismissed and he said I could give it a shot. He seems like a really fantastic professor, he also said that he really enjoys working with students who were "out in the real world" and "had some life experience". I guess that's why he's giving me a chance.

Another goal for the class is to develop your own personal fashion style. This should be everything about your persona, from the way you dress to the way to draw to what you design.

I am so excited about this challenge!! We already have our first assignment and although I'm very nervous, I have already had such a blast working on it.

So for our next class we have to prepare two assessment sketches (eek!). These are 2 examples or our fashion work in thick lead pencil. They can be anything; an original, or a sketch of some lovely couture gown that catches our eye. He left it VERY ambiguous but from what I understand, the sketches are to get an example of our baseline skills as well as a feel for our style.

To start off, I looked through our amazing book and tried my best to learn the correct proportions. I skimmed through the chapters for some ideas and simple poses.

I worked on this one last night. The middle is my take on Dior's "The New Look" from 1947. This is one of my most influential and memorable pieces of fashion. It really made me look at clothing in a different way. I love the peplum style jacket and the angles (not so much in my rendition but in the original photo). The others are just some styles that I thought complemented the look... lots of collars!

For the second sketch I used my own wedding as inspiration. I would love to have a Film Noir sytle affair so this is my take on the wedding gown and bridesmaid dress:

As you can tell... my "people" don't have faces! Ha... one of the many skills I would love to learn from this class. I can't believe I'm actually excited for our next assignment!


  1. I think the sketches look great. I'm sure your professor will also. Good luck!

  2. I love them so much. Glad to hear that they went over so well in class!!!