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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Bedroom Remodeling

This is what I came home to last Tuesday:
(Boxes and boxes of wood panels)

Brent ordered a new bed frame a few weeks ago and it finally arrived.... in pieces. This "two hour" assembly was quite a chore!

Here's the skeleton of the frame. My favorite feature are the 6 pull out drawers for storage.

Not the best picture but this is the finished bed frame and new down comforter with a red and white striped cover (with cute little red buttons that close everything)

I have been slowly trying to add some character to the bedroom and it's finally starting to come together:
The blue and silver wardrobe is something I picked up from Good Will right after I moved to Cincinnati. It was stained in a light wooden finish. I had never done any refinishing before but it really wasn't too hard. The piece reminded me of an old refrigerator so I went for blue paint with silver paint accents to mimic the metal handles. A high gloss finish helped to achieve the shiny look.

I also acquired a lovely vanity when my neighbor moved to Colorado (I miss you Sue!). I like to keep pretty little nik-naks on it... I thought it might be too much clutter but it hasn't bothered me yet.

I love the big mirror - it actually makes me excited to get ready in the morning!
I suppose the next room to tackle is the living room... there is a pile of things and furniture that we aren't using but we are too lazy to carry them down the stairs! The room could definitely benefit from another couch/more seating.
What are your upcoming fall projects?

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