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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Knit and Purl

Usually during the summer I tend to stray from knitting but this year I have been trying to keep up with it. There are not one but TWO women at work that are currently pregnant and due at about the same time (one with a boy, one a girl). I wanted to find something cute, fun, and relatively quick to make for them. I decided on bibs!

I thought a yellow duck would be nice for the girl and a blue monkey for the boy.

see the free patterns here:

I have already finished the duck bib and it turned out great - see below!

Start by increasing with a simple knit stitch (or, a seed stitch would look nice too!)

As you knit the pattern starts to show up - QUACK

If you really wanted the pattern to stand out, you could stitch over with a contrasting color but I like the embossed look this give you.

This isn't the best picture of the finished product but you get the idea.

You finish with i-cords which are SO EASY, all you need are double pointed needles and you essentially never flip the fabric, just move the piece down and knit again after each row.

I will be starting on the monkey soon. This bib was such an easy and fast project, it makes a great gift. If you really wanted to do something special, a matching dish towel would be a fantastic addition.


  1. You keep using these words like "simple", "easy", and "fast"... I'm pretty sure I started knotting a scarf when we were in da' burg and it's about 12" long, still hanging off the needle and in a drawer at my dad's house.
    Also, QUACK. And speaking of ducks... check THESE guys out!
    Rubber Duckcakes

  2. HOOMygosh!! I love how they're all in a row... naturally, as ducks tend to be.

    I'm sure it was armpittsburgh's fault about the scarf, not yours

  3. Ha. I meant to say "knitting", but "knotting" is probably more accurate.