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Sunday, August 15, 2010

California Roadtrip Day 2: Disneyland and Corinne!

On day 2, Corinne, Brent, and I hopped on a free shuttle provided by our hotel and arrived at Disneyland.

Disney World vs. Disneyland

Parks: World has 4 different parks (Magic Kingdom, MGM now Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom, and Epcot) and Downtown Disney. Land has 2 parks (Disneyland and California Adventure) plus Downtown Disney.

While DisneyWorld parks are so spread out that you need transportation to get to each one, both Disneyland parks and Downtown Disney have their entrances in the same place, making it easy to park hop.

Corinne and I at the entrance
We decided that we only had enough time to tackle one park so we chose Disneyland. It's much like Magic Kingdom except there's a New Orleans Square and a Critter Country and no Liberty Square.

Cinema with fun Walt Memorabilia: Main St

I realize that Main Street is mostly shops but they really did have some interesting Walt Disney and Disneyland information, pictures, videos, and models. There was also a store that sold vintage Disney goodies including.....

A set of four square plates that make a map of classic Disney when put together!! It was so hard for me to resist these but I figured it wasn't the best plan to buy 4 breakable heavy plates. They are available, along with other fantastic finds as part of the 55th product anniversary release.

Astro Orbiter: Tomorrowland

Disneyland brought back Captain Eo (the 3D Michael Jackson musical video)! It was right in Tomorrowland.

Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage: Tomorrowland

This was actually our first ride. I was excited. Like Disney World, Disneyland used to have a 30,000 Leagues Under the Sea submarine ride and both parks discontinued this a while back. Disneyland had the genius idea to convert and revamp this into a Finding Nemo ride. It was so well done, I was very impressed. They incorporated real scenery, animatronics, video, and magic to take you through Nemo's journey.

Not sure what Disneyworld is doing with their old submarine... my suggestion is a Little Mermaid Ride.

Make your own Light Saber!
(Star Tours: Tomorrowland)

Sadly, Star Tours was down for repairs during our stay but I did visit the shop near by where you could construct a light saber, how neat is that? I know my fellow Disney/Star Wars fan Stacey would be all over this.

Storybook Canal Boats: Fantasy Land

I didn't actually ride this but doesn't it look fun! Apparently it takes you through different fairy tale towns.

Mr. Toad's Wild Ride: Fantasyland

Disneyworld no longer has this ride and it's one of my favorites so the fact that it still exists in Disneyland was so exciting!

Corinne enjoyed the wild ride

Indiana Jones Ride: Adventureland

Ok this ride was phenomenal! There is nothing like this at Disneyworld and it was just so much fun. The best part is when you come upon the scene in this picture

Enchanted Tiki Room: Adventureland
This was always one of my mother's favorites. It's got quite a catchy tune can quench your island thirst just a little bit!

The Roger Rabbit ride is a blast - you can spin your little taxi around during the ride.

Sleeping Beauty's Castle
Ugh, doesn't it look beautiful? I love the castle at night.

Main Street

Corinne and her buddy at Paul's
After a long day at the park, we met up with some of Corinne's friends at one of their favorite bars. So much fun!

I think this was Brent's favorite ride
What a wonderful day - I literally (and I don't use that term loosely) did not stop smiling all day. A huge thanks to Corinne and Brent for being Disney-nerds with me:0
I got my theme park outfit inspiration from the one and only....

 Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday is essentially stuck in Rome with this outfit for most of the movie and she looks gorgeous!
I chose a white linen button up that could be worn with sleeves down or rolled up, depending on the temp. The shoulder coverage kept the california rays off without the need for sunscreen
but was still cool thanks to the linen. Paired with denim capris and a red scarf, it was comfy all day long.
Shoes are very important when you're walking around as much as we were. I just wore some simple white flats but put a gel insert in to keep my feet happy all day.
I wanted my hair out of the way and not bothering me at all. A simple french twist - I cheat and do a 1/2 twist held securely in place by a barrette - and then pin the remainiing pieces in a few curls. Hairspray to keep in place and bring a couple of extra bobby pins with you just in case.
UP NEXT: Long Beach for lunch with Joseph, pick up parents at LAX, stop in Malibu, and on to Santa Barbara

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