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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Wineries and B&B Riverboat cruise

Brent's parents were in town this past weekend and we had such a blast! We spent saturday morning sampling all sorts of wines. The Henke Winery is actually a full restaurant with really scrumptious food! We all did the $5.00 tasting where you are served 6 selected wines but I think we ended up trying 11 or 12 by the end of the afternoon (I may have lost track...). We weren't hungry enough for a full meal but we did have the "awesome pan seared cheddar" (vermont white cheddar, breaded and pan seared atop a red wine and berry sauce, served with flatbread). It was wonderful - who would have thought those flavors would go together so nicely? - Vermont White Cheddar,
Breaded and pan seared, atop a Red Wine and Berry Sauce
served with flat bread

We then made our way to Burnet Ridge winery. Good wines! This local Cincinnati wine maker has been in the business for 35 years and knows his grapes. A personal favorite of mine was the Purple Trillium, a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Petit Verdot. I love red blends and this one is fantastic. Petit Verdot is a hard wine to drink on it's own (think squid ink) but when blended, adds such a rich component.

[Brent's dad, Kelly, me, and Stasha admiring the view]

After the wineries, we boarded the B&B Riverboat for a relaxing tour of Cincinnati in the evening. The weather finally cooled down and we all enjoyed the turn of the century-styled boat ride.

[Brent and me]


  1. Terrific blog! Great articles. The winery and riverboat ride must have been great!

    Best of luck with your garden. I'm having mixed results with potted plants, but I keep trying.

  2. Nice article about Henke Winery in Westwood! But the picture posted with your article is not from the Henke Winery in Westwood. The picture is actually from another "Henke Winery" Australia!

  3. Oh no! haha... oops! I didn't take any of my own pictures of the winery and I was only inside of the restaurant (never actually saw the barrels). Well let's hope that the Australian Henke Winery is just as delicious!

  4. There we go... I found an image of the Cincinnati Henke Winery :)