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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Tiki Party!

When you can't beat the heat... embrace it!

[Pierre and Rocko enjoying the festivities]

It has been so hot lately and this weekend instead of camping out in the AC, Kelly and I decided to embrace the heat as part of our ambience for a retro Tiki party. We were even lucky enough to have some breeze blowing throughout the night for more of a "trade wind" feel. The party was really a farewell party for Sue and John, they are moving out to Colorado.

We made a trip to the Party Source for supplies (such a guilty pleasure of mine... it's so cheezy but yet so fantastic). We got ingredients for mai tai's and pina colada's and were excited to try our bartending skills. I also bought a whole pineapple and it was so much more fun than old pre-cut slices from the store.

[Here I am enjoying a Mai Tai and trying to cool down]

We didn't really want to spend much on decorations so we had to be creative. As you can see in the background I had my "aquarium" playing. This is part of my fireplace dvd that can play 2 different fireplace/campfire loops. I knew the aquarium setting would come in handy one day! And of course - the very fancy plastic flamigo.

[Pina Coladas made from scratch]

Pina Colada's made from scratch are very easy and only includes 3 ingredients. I don't know why you would every waste your time buying a pre-made mix.

Classic Pina Colada Recipe (makes 2-3 servings)
- Rum 3oz (dark or light will work really so choose what you like!)
- Pineapple juice 3oz

- Coco Lopez 4oz (coconut cream could be used as a substitue if you can't find this)
- add in a whole bunch of ice (a bit more than equal parts) and blend until frothy. I garnished with Maraschino cherries and a fresh pineapple slice and of course an umbrella.

[Kelly looking lovely and sippin' on a cool treat]

[Mai Tai - recipe from the Royal Hawaiian Hotel]
I wanted to make a traditional mai tai and found a great recipe from the Royal Hawaiian Hotel. This was one of the first hotels on Waikiki beach (est. 1927) and is famous for being bright pink! They even have "Pink Packages" that include a pink limo, pink champagne, and a pink room. It's very striking along the stretch of the beach.

A little history about the mai tai: It was created in 1944 by Trader Vic in California. He wanted to keep it a secret so the other bars were just guessing at ingredients. Because of this, there are a lot of variations. The Royal Hawaiian recipe is much like Trader Vic's but substitutes simple bar syrup instead of rock candy syrup. I omitted it all together as that only adds sweetness and I prefer less sweet.
Royal Hawaiian Mai Tai Recipe:
- 1 oz light Run
- 1 oz orange Curacao
- 1/2 oz lime juice
- Dash Orgeat
- mix all above ingredients in a tumbler with ice and pour back into glass (with ice)
- top with dark rum

- I garnished with Maraschino cherries and a pineapple slice on an umbrella

[I found this shirt for 2 dollars at our local Good Will, and a Kukui nut lei from HI]

[Our guests of honor!]

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