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Thursday, July 15, 2010

The (not so) Secret Garden

My parents, Brent, and I sitting in the shade.

Though I haven't always been the best at keeping potted flowers alive, I have been having so much fun with our garden plot. Clifton Community Garden began just a few months ago and I was excited to snatch up a coveted spot with my sister. This was all the brain-child of two of my good friends from my Americorps year and I'm so impressed with how well it is going. Sitting on the corner of Dixmyth and MLK, this garden is very public and has had such a wonderful response from the neighborhood.

This is my plot (8x4). By no means is it the most impressive but I think it's doing pretty well (this picture was taken pretty early on).
We have:
- 2 Roma tomato plants
- 1 jalapeno plant
- 3 eggplants (which are doing So well!)
- 3 brussel sprouts
- 3 sweet peppers
- 3 bell peppers
- carrots
- onions

The location is great - lots of direct sunlight. Also, coca-cola has donated 2 huge rain barrels to collect water and so far we haven't needed any extra.

My next assignment: Lois Lane Lindsay (ok maybe not quite...)
I am writing an article about the garden for some local papers!


  1. Oh...thanks for putting photos of garden online. Be sure to let us know about the article that you write.

  2. Thanks for listing the plants in your garden.