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Monday, July 12, 2010

mmm..... pies

Who doesn't love pie? I have been baking A LOT lately and these are two of my favorites so far. The one above is a banana cream pie that I made for father's day when my dad was in town. This recipe is great because the custard would be delicious on its own. However, the really spectacular part about this pie is the layer of dulce de leche (sort of like a spreadable caramel). My family and I devoured this pie - it was nice a refreshing treat on a hot summer night.

This was an apple pie that I made for my boyfriend's birthday... turned out delicious but I should have partially baked the bottom crust (the recipe specifically said not to for some reason). What I really liked about this is the simplicity in ingredients: butter, flour, pinch of salt for the crust and apples, sugar, and cinnamon for the filling. Yum!

So what's next on the menu? I am planning on trying my hand at an old fashioned coffee cake and some orange tea cakes from a cook book i picked up in New Mexico when visiting my parents. We have Brent's parents coming up for the weekend and a possible barbeque on Friday so I'm sure there will be lots of good eats coming my way!

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  1. The banana cream pie was delicious! What a wonderful treat.