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Saturday, January 16, 2016

Winter Catch-up

We are a few months into Winter and I'm trying to enjoy the pretty snow and chilly temperatures. Here's a bit of a recap!
With Pierre at a Christmas shop in Estes Park. The tree behind me was all tropical themed.

Brent at the Dancing Pines distillery. They have wonderful spirits!

Brent at the Stanley hotel.

I made a fun winter sweater from a free vintage Jack Frost pattern ( I had to make a good amount of changes and also added the snowflake pattern on the sleeves. The yarn is Zitron Trekking XXL Tweed and it was a dream to knit with.

At the gorgeous and historic Brown Palace hotel for A holiday party. 

Incredible chandelier from below. We stayed the night there and had a wonderful time.

Brent in the lobby, looking handsome.

I've been trying to get out more this winter and have been taking hikes! This was a particularly sunny and beautiful day at a path near Lyons.

The glare from the lights is terrible here but look at our holiday sweaters! We met my parents in Santa Fe around Xmas time.

Here we are at a brewery and pizza place. My sweater is so warm!

After Santa Fe, Brent and I went on to Taos for a few nights where we stayed at the El Monte Sagrado. This was our darling casita, complete with a front and back fenced-in yard for Pierre.

Inside was lovely too and had a cozy fireplace.

The Anaconda room was so beautiful.

The square in Taos. It was snowing!

Gorgeous La Finda hotel

Part of the pool area at our hotel. We went there at least once a day!

Another view of the pool area.

And finally, happy New Year! We had a really fun evening with friends. So far, 2016 has been pretty good. 

You may have noticed that our darling little CB is absent from these photos. He passed away back in October and we have just been devastated. I am personally still processing everything but he is missed and will always be in our hearts. 

Friday, October 16, 2015

Mickey's Halloween Party at Disneyland

During a recent trip to Disneyland, I was able to attend Mickey's Halloween Party with my sister. I've actually never been to this hard ticket event, at either park!

We met at the airport on the night before the party, checked into the Candy Cane Inn, then walked to Trader Sam's for drinks and dinner.

Hippopota-Maitai and a tiki tiki tiki tiki tiki rum. Both fabulous.

Yay! I'm in my happy place.

Our incredible bartender, Kelly. We also ran into him at Tiki Day, a few days later.

The next day was the Halloween party but we couldn't enter the park until 4pm. We walked around Downtown Disney for a bit...

Look I match the sign!!
Adorable decorations at one of the shops

Our parents arrived that afternoon, so we met them at the Disneyland Hotel, where they were staying.
We walked in the lobby and look who was there! Minnie is so lovely!
My mother and I in the wonderful teacup chair.

We then walked back to our room and changed for the party...
I was Mouseketeer Annette Funicello! Disclaimer: my costume was not very accurate thanks to a very hot day with temperatures close to 100 degrees. I had a wool skirt that would have looked much better but... No way! I made the shirt with some iron on letters.

My sister was a very adorable Minnie! This was actually her first time in Disneyland ever!! While it's pretty neat that her first visit was during the Halloween party, I think it might have been a sensory overload.

Posing by some fun decorations.

If you've never been to one of these events, here is how it works. If you don't have a regular admission ticket for that day, you can enter the parks up to 3 hours before he party starts. In our case, that meant 4:00. At this time, everyone else is still in the parks plus the party goers are all entering which makes for a bit of madness. You receive a wrist band when you enter the gates and a little bag for candy. Once the party starts, cast members hold up lighted signs and you can only enter rides, restaurants, etc if you have that wrist band. 

More Dia de Los muertos decor near Rancho del Zocalo.

Most of the rides run as normal during the party which is nice. There are designated trick or treat stations set up in each land where you get a lot of candy! There is a special park map that has each location. There are special decorations that pop up for the event, and special characters. The night time parade, this season, is the same as the regular one (Paint the Night). However, there is a special Halloween fireworks show).

Every time! I can't believe they wouldn't let Annette in. Rude.
By the hotel
I kind of love this picture.

The party was a lot of fun but next time I wouldn't do it on my first day. It's extra crowded from 4-7 when all of the party goers are there plus the regular crowd. The park does thin out significantly when the party starts though. It was so fun seeing all of the costumes. Perhaps my favorite was a family dressed as Mad Madame Mimm, Merlin, and Wart. And there was an IN-credible Cruella DeVil, I couldn't tell if she was with Disney or not!

We mainly used the time to get on some rides. We did get some candy and enjoyed as we watched the Paint the Night parade and the special Halloween fireworks.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

A Farewell to Summer

Ok, we all know that I love summer. No, I mean REALLY LOVE summer. The sunshine, the heat, swimming, shorts, sandals. I want it all year long. Temperatures are still relatively warm here in Colorado for now but I'm already dreading the long long winter ahead. I wanted to take some time and look back at this especially gorgeous past summer.... just some odds and ends that never made it into the blog:
One of my absolute favorite things to do is take the poodles on long walks around the neighborhood. A frequent stop for us is this incredible rose garden. Always take time to stop and smell the roses!

Oh Pierre, you're just too much - look at him posing! "Lights, camera, and me without a stitch of makeup."

And little CB. This was right before his summer haircut... which helped to keep him cool.

Another view of the rose garden.

So pretty!

Look at this little fella! We see him a lot as we pass his yard, and he always wants to say hello.

Sunset pool is the best!! I pretty much went here every Sunday for the entire summer. They have adult swim from 10-1 and there were never many people there.

Oh, did I mention that they have 2 amazing water slides?! They do.

Hands down my favorite poolside read of the summer. It's about a young woman in early 70s that moves to Florida and gets a job as a Weeki Wachee mermaid!! I know.

I fell in love with this serape inspired suit.

Brent worked over the majority of our summer weekends but he did make it to the pool with me once or twice.

Coffee and grahams for breakfast in the tiki room. (Look at those amazing Disneyland trashcan salt and pepper shakers that I got last year!!)

Whiskey release party at Spirit Hound distillery in Lyons. So delish.

Elitch Gardens for our anniversary. This day was perfection.
And just about 2 weeks ago, I was crowned Miss Modernism at the Denver Modernism Expo!! Oh my gosh it was so much fun, the other girls were so beautiful and talented, I really couldn't believe it when they called my name as the winner. I won a trip to Palm Springs for Modernism week in February, $500 to spend at the expo, and... most importantly... a sash and tiara that I got to wear for the rest of the weekend. I'm planning to do a whole post on this so I can share the goodies I picked up!

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Heritage Square

When I heard that a former Disneyland imagineer helped to create a small amusement park and shopping village in Golden, CO AND that parts of it would be closing for good at the end of the season, I knew a weekend road trip was in need.
Beautiful view of the swan boats and Ferris wheel. 

Heritage Square was originally built as a Magic Mountain back in 1957-59, and designed as a storybook Victorian shopping village and theme park. Still today the park and village have free admission and you pay individually for the rides.

The park is probably most famous for its alpine slide, a very unique attraction indeed! Sadly, the slide will be closing in October. Brent and I walked up to the kiosk, bought our tickets, then hitched a ride in one of the ski lifts... That alone would be worth the price of admission for me! The views were incredible!

Once off the lift, you grab a sled, which has a lever to pull back for breaks so you can control your speed. There are 2 half mile tracks, one for more experienced riders and one for beginners. Brent was a daredevil and I was a scardycat :)

Here I am coming down to the end. It was really so much fun!!

And here we are in the shopping village. It really was quaint and I could certainly see the Disneyland influence. Did I mention there is a railroad?! We also got some ice cream from a darling little 50s themed diner. Um... Chocolate banana Oreo?!? It was the best.

When I saw these beautiful swan boats, I nearly lost it.... Classic!! We bought some tickets and spent a good amount of time just lazing around in our swan.

Ok... Look at this! There was one black swan in the bunch!!! Ahhh, I can't stand how fabulous it was. I was a bit disappointed that we didn't get to ride in her but it did allow me to snap some shots.

If you're in the Colorado area, definitely take a look at this hidden gem, we really enjoyed our visit!